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In 2003 Roxanne produced her first oil painting and began her journey and love of painting as an artist.

Educated and worked in the fashion industry for over 17 years, the desire for change put forth the discovery to paint oil on canvas. She always had been enthusiastic about art and drawing since a child, having taken seminars, courses in life drawing and some anatomy earlier on. Her natural ability flourished choosing oil painting as her medium, and later granting her, a solo exhibition at Au Cepage in Old Montreal QC.

Painting opened the threshold to my imagination and allowed my figurative language to leap from my finger tips onto a canvas.

In my own words...

My inspiration comes from a variety of sources which include photographs, news clippings, books, and my imagination. Influences have been the works of greats like Degas, Cézanne, The Group of Seven and Klimt.

I hope the viewer shares the desire to fall into the painting and connect with the “human” experience, be inspired, have passion, feel emotions or transpire new elements.

In each painting I create, I want to make it with it's own message yet included a context to make people think, dream, and identify with the subject with their own interpretation. They are about life and the realities of life, a moment, or a feeling we may have experienced.

It's a pleasure to share my works with you, enjoy!




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